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Cocktails, Wines and Whiskeys: Recommended Reading

The range of alcoholic beverages available in bars and shops is quite overwhelming these days. It can be quite a challenge to know what to purchase. It is undoubtedly better to research beforehand to discover the tastiest cocktails, whiskeys, and wines. There are many books that guide the reader through every aspect of their favorite tipple. Here are some suggestions on what to look for.

Best Cocktail Books

Cocktails are a sophisticated option when visiting a bar or restaurant, but with literally thousands to choose from, knowing where to start is a problem. A book on cocktails should detail precisely what is included in each concoction, a little of its history, and if there are any variants. For example, there are at least 75 different ways to make a martini, as detailed in the book "The Martini Cocktail" by Robert Simonson.

Best Whiskey Books

Whiskey is a subjective topic, and everybody has their own opinion. Some may only drink Irish whiskey, while others prefer the newer Japanese options. A renowned expert has written a very informative guide, "Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible," which is ideal for those who need help in selecting what to drink.

Best Wine Books

For those who enjoy wine, it is perhaps best to narrow the choice down to a specific country such as Italy. Suggested reading includes "Italy's Native Wine Grape Terroirs" by Ian D'Agata.
A few hours reading the recommended books will help solve the mysteries of the tastiest wines, cocktails, and whiskeys.